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Nee Soon East CC December 9, 2017
Nee Soon East Chess Challenge 2017

Nee Soon East Chess Challenge 2017 (EntryForm)

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Nee Soon East Challenge 2017

Nee Soon East Chess Challenge 2017 (EntryForm)

Asean Chess Academy April 16, 2017
ACA Good Friday Rapid

Registration starts at 1:30pm. $40 for Challenger and $50 for Open.

170 Upper Bukit Timah #10-04,Bukit Timah Shopping Centre March 12, 2017
March Rapid Tournament

The first edition of the March tournaments will be held on 12th March 2017. The prize money for the Open Section has increased due to the snowballing of prize fund…

Asean Chess Academy February 18, 2017
Preparations for National Schools’ Individual Championships

This course aims to prepare students who are participating in the National Schools’ Individuals (NSI) Championships through practice. This course consists of 5 two-hour sessions and students can choose to sign up for…

Asean Chess Academy February 12, 2017
February Rapid Tournament

The second tournament of the month! There will be both Open and Challengers Sections. Click here for more details!