Our Chess Coaches

Our Chess Coaches


Nelson “Jet” Mariano II
International Chess Grandmaster
ACA Chief Coach

tel : 98806301

Philippines’ 5th Grandmaster and the last Asian Junior Chess Champion from the Philippines since 1994.

Prominent Chess Coach-over 22 years of chess coaching experience. GM Nelson has been coaching in Singapore for last 10 years, He is often known by his students as GM Jet.

The President of the Philippines, Honourable Fidel V. Ramos honoured GM Nelson for his outstanding performances in the Asian Junior and World Juniors Chess Championship in August 1994 placing equal 3rd, held in Matinhos, Brazil, the highest place attained ever by a Filipino chess players until today.

“Talent is insufficient. Hard work and discipline is that which will set you apart from the rest.”—GM Jet

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